Kafka connect sink


I am trying to replicate this tutorial to connect CrateDB to Kafka sink connector from confluent: https://crate.io/docs/crate/howtos/en/latest/integrations/kafka-connect.html, but I am stuck after registering the JSON connector config, nothing happens after I upload it. I can see metrics data being generated if I open a consumer but nothing is inserted in the database through the connector. Am I missing something?

I appreciate the help, thanks.

Hi again,

I was able to run CrateDB as a sink after importing the JDBC for Crate into the JDBC connectors. In the beginning I was using postgres JDBC but it was throwing me this error:

After importing Crate’s JDBC, creating a table and declaring the connector everything worked. But something that I would like to know is if one can create a table with kafka’s REST API option: “auto.create”: true, since if a table is not created yet it throws the following:

Thank you.