Installation on OpenSuse fails

Howdy folks,

I am a potential new user of crate and would like to log some sensor data. I found the documentation well-written and the one-line bash installer sounded very convincing. I was very surprised, when the installation failed with

 bash -c "$(curl -L"
 % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time   Time  Current Dload  Upload   Total     Spent    Left  Speed
 100  4647  100  4647    0     0   3326      0  0:00:01  0:00:01 --:--:--  3326

The platform x86_64:opensuse-leap is not supported.

As you might guess, I run a bog-standard Opensuse install, version is 15.2, all updates installed. I could proceed with the tarball, but thought it’d be better to get in touch.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi @inviridi

Welcome to the crate community!

We are currently on the way of reworking the install instructions and might deprecate the one line script. Unfortunately we also don’t officially support OpenSuse right now, but might be willing to do so, if demand grows.

Your best bet probably is to use the tarball. Should be pretty straightforward as well.

best regards

Thank you very much for the swift reply, @proddata!

Not having gotten very far with it, I can only guess how well your one-line script works, but let me say that it was the key reason for me to choose crate over influx. If I spend hours learning about your product I might want to use it in my other projects as well. And then it is great if it quick to install.

Just my 0.02ct.

I will try to get crate working on a Raspberry and if that fails probably just stick with sqlite for now.

Thanks again and all the best,

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You can see the content of the script if you got to in your browser.
Right now there are checks, that won’t work with OpenSuse.

I consider the tarball-installation pretty quick though as well (as CrateDB now includes the JVM) :wink:

  1. download crate 4.5.0
curl --output crate-4.5.0.tar.gz
  1. unpack tarball
tar -xzf crate-4.5.0.tar.gz
  1. change into crate directory
cd crate-4.5.0.tar.gz
  1. start CrateDB

If you want to try run CrateDB on your Raspberry Pi, be aware, that CrateDB right now only support 64-bit architectures and you need to run a 64-bit distro on your RPi :wink:
64bit ARM tarballs can be found here:

We are btw in the progress of rewriting the install instructions and make it more clear / easy to get started :wink:

The part where the fails OpenSuse :confused:

if [ "$ARCH" = "x86_64" ]; then
  if [ "$OS" = "Debian" ] || [ "$OS" = "Ubuntu" ] || [ "$OS" = "RedHat" ]; then
  elif [ "$OS" = "Darwin" ]; then
    echo -e "\\n$RED \\n The platform ${ARCH}:${OS} is not supported.$END\\n\\n"
    exit 1

I am very impressed by your competence and responsiveness on this Easter Sunday. Much appreciated!

I am in the middle of an IoT project (logging and evaluating sensor data, of course) and wanted to pull it of with the fantastic pandas library but it dawned on me that it is not the right tool for the job. So I searched for a database and crate seemed to be perfect, to have one process write log and another make queries. Thing is: I don’t really know, whether I need crate’s performance and have only a cursory knowledge about SQL. Do you think it is worth jumping through the hoops to setup crate and learn how to use it? Pi OS is still 32Bit and at this stage I actually did not want to start wrestling with the DB, but rather work with it.

edit: With my current knowledge, I think crate is most futureproof and as cool as a DB can be.

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Do you think it is worth jumping through the hoops to setup crate and learn how to use it? Pi OS is still 32Bit and at this stage I actually did not want to start wrestling with the DB, but rather work with it.

Of course it is always worth it :wink:

But I also understand if you don’t want to newly set-up your Pi. Also if it is an older/slower Pi, you might not be too happy with CrateDBs performance.

If you do however decide to give CrateDB a try, feel free to drop in questions here :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your comments and the warm welcome! “Installation” was painless on my desktop and I already like the handling of CrateDB. The 64Bit Pi OS seems to be mature enough to, so it might be the right way forward for this project.

I will be back with more questions in due time.


Dear Frank,

Thank you for your response. With Allow quick installer to run on all flavors of Linux by amotl · Pull Request #46 · crate/crate-utils · GitHub, we just improved the quick installation script at to run on any version of Linux. However, we did not explicitly test it on OpenSuse, so we will be happy about your report.

With kind regards,

Dear Andreas,

thank you very much for your efforts! Unfortunately, the installer failed to start the binary, but running it manually from the installation directory works like a charm. This is the error:

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Dear Frank,

thank you for reporting about the outcome. I am currently in the process of giving some love to the installer you used. Afterwards, it should work again without further ado.

Thank you also for letting us know that starting CrateDB directly from the installation directory worked for you.

With kind regards,

Crate is a great product and I am glad I gave it a try! If the installer gets improved; even better.