Imminent release : CrateDBAdmin.NET


For professional purpose, i’m using CrateDB since several years. i was using a little self-made SQL Client (not really releasable :p). So i started, few months ago, to develop (once more) , from scratch, a new Admin Client for CrateDB databases to easily handle my datas. It’s a sort of HeidiSQL Client Clone dedicated to Crate databases. It’s a standalone Windows application (in .NET) which also works with Wine on Linux and MacOS X.

It’s a portable application which don’t need any admin rights on computer. You only need a CrateDB server, and CrateDBAdmin executable.

I want to make it available for everyone in few days, to promote CrateDB, in which I believe since many years. It will be released as a freeware (with a donation link if you want to support it).

There’s still a lot of work, but actually it supports :

  • Crate Connection through a HTTP Proxy
  • CrateDB basic authentication (if authentication is activated on server)
  • Create/Alter tables and parameters with a simple window (supports Nested objects etc…)
  • SQL Queries with SQL reformatter/beautifier feature and data grid rendering with live data modifications inside grid (also supports JSON nested object modification, GEO_POINT arrays, etc…)
  • SQL Queries auto-completion for schema, tables, columns, and nested columns
  • Blob tables with digest preview (based on file signatures) + browse file easily to upload blob if necessary
  • Filter through all schema and tables names for quick access
  • Automatic charts (Columns / Bars / Pie) rendering on aggregated SQL Results
  • Automatic formatting on data grid clipboard copy to easily paste results into excel worksheets

Here is a little screenshot :

I’m preparing a quick website to host the executable and users will also be able to report issues through it.

Long life to CrateDB ! :slight_smile:


Hi @MikeMax

Welcome to the community forum :slight_smile:
Looks really nice on the first view and cool, that you want to make it available to the community!

… to promote CrateDB, in which I believe since many years.

We are always keen to here from first hand experience as well. So if that works for you, I would also be happy to schedule a call, where you might also walk me through the tool … feel free to pm me :slight_smile:

best regards

Hi Georg,

I have pm you a download link to test it :slight_smile:

keep me informed !

Now available on !


Thanks for sharing!

Seeing the name of Wes McKinney in the second screenshot made me smile! :slightly_smiling_face:

Having visualization and charting features look nice! One minor comment: 3D doesn’t add much to the bar charts, it might even distract.

PS: Having some kind of plug-in/add-on system for such a tool would be great, e.g. for defining different kind of visualizations, etc. Do you consider that?

Kind regards,

Hi Emre_Sevinc,

Thanks for your feedback.

For the charting feature, it’s a small feature that i have not explored in depth for the moment. I have a lot of things to do to make it more comfortable to use :slight_smile:

For the moment, i’m working on GUI import/export features (CSV, XLSX, SQL, JSON …) which is a must-have for a dev team in professional environment.

But i will consider an add-on system which should be nice indeed !