How to remove default "LIMIT 100" in SQL Console?

I notice every query is limited to 100 results in the Admin UI. I didn’t see anything in the SQL Console docs about this limit. Is there a way to remove the limit? Or set it to something higher?


you can just manually set it to a higher number by just adding another LIMIT to your query
It is basically a safety measure so that you don’t SELECT your complete multi-billion-row table :wink:


For the record, querying a SELECT DISTINCT on the billion row table is pretty quick:

SELECT OK, 241 rows in set (4.681 sec)
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might also want to try hyperloglog_distinct

It is not faster:

select hyperloglog_distinct(servername) from billion_row_table limit 1000;
SELECT OK, 1 row in set (69.863 sec)

same count in the end, but i needed the actual results, not just the count.

although, it at least returns a result, as compared to:

select COUNT(DISTINCT servername) from billion_row_table limit 1000;


CircuitBreakingException[[query] Data too large, data for [collect: 0] would be [19327877120/18gb], which is larger than the limit of [19327352832/18gb]]


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right … maybe something that could be optimized :thinking: