How to increase Performance

I have a 3 nodes cluster, ie where it see there are potential performance bottleneck during the large volume of data insert.

The data insert is based on IoT sensor event. For now, I could not “batch” insert these events.

One options to improve the insert performance as I understand is to add data node.

  1. Can the data node be added by adding another node into the cluster and will the existing database table get replicated to the new data node ?

  2. How can I increase the table shard from 6 to 8 for each of existing table ?

Thanks in advance

Basically you are right, increasing the number of shards also scales the writes

Regarding your questions:

  1. You can add an additional node to the cluster and primary and replica shards will be automatically rebalanced over the nodes

  2. Currently there is no way to change the number of shards per table, so you would have to create a new table with more shards

I hope that helps!