Encrypted inter-node communication port

Hello guys,

I set up a two nodes cluster of CrateDB (3.0.7) and I was trying to understand how to encrypt communications between nodes.

As far as I know, there are two variables for enabling SSL on psql and https, but how can I configure encryption for inter-node communication protocol (port 4300)?

Thank you in advance.

hi, communication between nodes is encrypted anyhow.
why are you using an old version of cratedb, if i may ask?

Thank you for your prompt response. :smiley:

We were using a single-node deployment and it works, so you know, if it works don’t change it.

Now we are studying a cluster deployment and we are trying to solve this kind of questions.

Update the version is also in my todo list.

Happy to hear further feedback on your experience on deploying a cluster.