CrateDB Community Day!πŸ₯³

Ready to connect with developers from all over the world and learn how CrateDB makes DevOps life easier?:woman_technologist::man_technologist:

We are happy to announce the first edition of CrateDB community day on November 9th, 2022!

Who are our speakers?

Developer Advocate at Astronomer, Tamara Janina Fingerlin is the commercial developer behind Apache Airflow and a Data Scientist at the World Data League :muscle: She will illustrate how to combine two open-source technologies to orchestrate your data pipelines: Apache Airflow and CrateDB :woman_teacher:

Daniel HΓΆlbling-Inzko has extensive software engineering and analytics expertise and will show you how Bitmovin uses CrateDB to monitor the biggest live video events :man_technologist:

Candelario A. Gutierrez, from the University of Alberta, with a passion for technology, will talk about how to ingest data for social media platforms and real-time analysis :man_teacher:

Finally, say hi to the Craties who will welcome you on CrateDB Community Day!

A full-on team that will share their knowledge with you throughout expert (and fun) talks about CrateDB, database trends, good practices, and use cases :nerd_face:

Register today to join us on November 9th, 2022 :point_left: