Can underlying elasticsearch be accessed directly for reading only

I was doing a POC on the crate for my usecases on docker, I want to access underlying elasticsearch directly from the application, I was trying to expose the default elastic port(9200) of docaker but port was not accessible, is it any way to access elasticsearch?


Hi @Deepak_Kumar,

CrateDB can be queried using SQL through the PostgreSQL protocol (port 5432) or the HTTP endpoint (port 4200). ElasticSearch is used internally for various aspects, but its query engine cannot be accessed.

To be a bit more explicit on this topic.

  • The Elasticsearch API has been removed with CrateDB version 4.0.0 more than 3 years ago.
  • CrateDB is not build on top of ES for quite some time anymore, but uses parts of ES (specifically in clustering) in a framework fashion. This also includes, that CrateDB is not using a specific version of ES, but rather includes parts of the OSS code base that is individually maintained by

thanks for your Reply @hammerhead @proddata