Bintray Crate Repository very slow

A few days ago our build time started to vary a lot and to go up to 20minutes (from initial 53 seconds).
We’ve identified that seems to slow things down.
We also are able to reproduce this if we remove the local .m2 directory and then try the mvn clean install
Did something change and is there a workaround?

Never mind, we switched to maven central and the build runs fast again.


Hi @senchi

JFrog unfortunately decided to deprecate Bintray.

best regards

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Hi Senad,

as @proddata mentioned above, JFrog is decomissioning Bintray and will also run scheduled brown-outs regularly [1,2]:

We will have some short service brown-outs to remind users about the services that are going away.

Maybe this was responsible for the slowness you observed.

We already took action on this and patches like indicate that future artefacts will be published directly to Maven Central.


With kind regards,

[1] Service End for Bintray, JCenter, GoCenter, and ChartCenter | JFrog

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