About running CrateDB in VM (Proxmox) with Docker

Hello , everyone i just wanted to ask that whenever I run the cratedb latest tag docker image my debian VM (with kvm64 cpu type) it shows me same error again and again error like this

“cratedb | Fatal glibc error: CPU does not support x86-64-v2”

my VM also have x86_64 - architecture then what ssue iam facing or is there any possible things regardless to go VM settings and the cpu type to something different actually my VM only compatible with kvm64 now in this case what should I do.

Dear Gaurav,

thank you for writing in.

I did not know about the kvm64 CPU type yet, but I was able to discover this statement about it:

If this is true, I would not recommend to run CrateDB on such an emulated CPU, and in fact it looks like it is not possible at all.

Maybe you can try the default x86 CPU models qemu32 or qemu64, which look like those are the recommended variants for generic x86-compatible CPUs?

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Thank you so much for replying me back and getting me such kind of information .

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