Still new to CrateDB. Have some basic quesions

Hello Brian,

I also started to evaluate CrateDB for one of our projects recently. There’s one issue regarding storage path, maybe yours is similar to mine. Did you install from the official CrateDB APT repository?

If that is the case, what’s described at I'm trying to set up a 3-node CrateDB cluster and now I can't even connect with crash - #2 by proddata might apply to your setup, too:

You installed CrateDB using the apt packages, correct? If you do that, CrateDB starts automatically ins single-node mode which also prevents adding the nodes to any sort of cluster. This is intentional in a way, that apt packages should start without any additional confiuguration.

There are basically two ways to fix this

using the crate-node tool

or (easier)

deleting the cluster state by …
    service crate stop
    rm -rf /usr/share/crate/data
    service crate start

As far as I understand, if you install from CrateDB APT package repository, the default path for CrateDB storage is /usr/share/crate/data.

If you have another disk, and if your system is a GNU/Linux distribution, and if you already mounted your disk, e.g. /path/to/my/disk/ then you can set the parameter in /etc/crate/crate.yml config file to the path (wherever you mounted your disk, e.g. /path/to/my/disk/) and restart the crate service.

I did something similar, and then observed that CrateDB started to write to that location, e.g. /path/to/my/disk/ (another disk, dedicated to data storage).